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English Paper Piecing Whip Stitching

In these instructions I am going to describe how to use the hexagon precut paper shapes to make a flower for the Grandmother's Flower Garden quilt.

Figure 1

Take 2 basted hexagons and lay the right sides together. Whip stitch along one edge of the hexagons as shown in Figure 1. After unfolding, the back of the hexagons should look like Figure 2.

Figure 2

Once you have sewn hexagons to all the edges on one hexagon, you can pop the paper piece out and reuse it (If you have basted to the paper piece, you must clip your basting thread before popping out the paper piece). Figure 3 shows the back of a single row flower. The center paper piece has already been removed.

Figure 3

After making many flowers you can attach them together with a solid background of hexagons to create the Grandmother's Flower Garden pattern as shown in Figure 4. You do not have to make a Grandmothers Flower Garden quilt, for the pattern is very versatile. Arrange the hexagons any way you like.

Figure 4

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